For businesses that thrive on water, Milwaukee, Wisconsin provides the key ingredient you’re thirsting for. Our water supply ranks No. 1 in the United States for a reason. You’ll find an abundance of water at this lakefront city.

Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is host to a diverse mix of manufacturers who benefit from the region’s abundant water supply, central U.S. location, high-quality workforce and statewide agricultural resources.

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Features & Benefits

Great Water Source

Milwaukee Lakefront

Bordered on the east by an immense wall of blue, Milwaukee’s ideal setting gives way to a bountiful supply of clean, fresh, affordable water. It comes from one of the greatest lakes on earth — Lake Michigan. Continue reading →

Great Water Supply

Lake Michigan

Water-intensive business, industry and research find what they need here. That’s because Milwaukee’s abundant water supply is clean and pure and priced just right. Continue reading →

Great Water Quality

Lab hand with bottles

Where does great quality water come from? It takes more than a great source to get an exceptional end-product. With a meticulous eye on water quality, Milwaukee sets the stage for world-class water. Continue reading →

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