High quality Milwaukee Water provides a value that’s hard to beat. And for those in business, the Milwaukee Water Works goes a step further to help you save on water costs by discounting high water usage and rewarding business growth. This water rate discount is referred to as the Declining Block Rate — offering a competitive edge to businesses that rely on water.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District charges only for wastewater discharged to the sewer, not for water used in the product or that which is evaporated.

DBR (Declining Block Rate)

With the DBR, the more water you use, the less you pay per unit. This rate structure makes sense in Milwaukee because there is an ample supply of water, treatment, and distribution capacity; all water is returned to the source and construction of additional facilities to meet demand is not necessary.

The DBR is an advantage for commercial customers who use more than 34 Ccf (25,000 gallons) of water per month or more than 100 Ccf (75,000 gallons) of water per quarter. For an idea of the dollar value advantage, take a look at the following example:

Save $5,779 per month using DBR
Water usage per month= 10,000 Ccf
Cost = $16,800 (at base rate of $1.68 per Ccf without DBR)
DBR Rate structure:
First 34 Ccf at $1.68/Ccf
Next 1,633 Ccf at $1.58/Ccf
Next 5,000 Ccf at $1.05/Ccf
Over 6,667 Ccf at $0.94/Ccf

Cost using DBR = $11,020
Your savings = $5,779 per month

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