Water-intensive business, industry and research find what they need here. That’s because Milwaukee’s abundant water supply is clean and pure and priced just right, making it a key factor in competitive and profitable business performance.

Milwaukee’s water industry is a market for more than $10 billion that accounts for 4% of the total world water business.

What specifically makes Milwaukee water conducive to manufacturing and research?

  • Reliable pressure and fireflow pressures exceed state standards. Range: 40–74 psi
  • Consistently cool temperature decreases energy used for cooling. Median Value: 58°F; Range: 32°–70°F
  • Low total dissolved solids. Median Value: 177 mg/L; Range: 125–195 mg/L
  • Moderate hardness. Median Value: 7.5 grains/gal; Range: 7–9 grains/gal and Median Value: 127 mg/L (as CaCO3); Range: 117–146 mg/L

More than 250 food and beverage companies do business in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee has a secure infrastructure in place to ensure the long-term delivery of high quality water to the city. Since 1993, the Milwaukee Water Works has invested $362 million in this infrastructure. Our capital improvements program covers treatment process facilities, laboratories, pumping and water storage, equipment, water mains, hydrants, and valves. Ongoing preventive maintenance assures that all components of the infrastructure are always in top functional condition.

The Milwaukee region has the nation’s highest concentration of food and beverage industry talent.

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